Smart market timing Strategies

The testing screen is the main screen of the TrendTimer application and is used for running and viewing the results of trading strategies. The goal is to identify strategies that have historically beat the "buy and hold" performance of the funds you are testing. Experiment with different fund combinations, trading rules, rule parameters, and time periods. Or, with the click of a button, run a bulktest to automatically execute thousands of tests to identify the most profitable strategies.
My Strategies
The 'My Strategies' screen allows you to
  • Load strategies that you have manually saved.
  • Flag strategies to be included in your nightly signals email.
  • Review the stategies created by of Automatic/Bulk testing.
  • Perform "cross testing" where a single strategy is tested to see how it performs when using different fund combinations.
  • Create "combined strategies". Combined offer the combined result of up to 10 member strategies!
The results screen provided more detailed results for that last strategy executed. The results screen includes
  • A yearly summary table.
  • A period table containing results for each trade that was made.
The "Funds" screen is used to create and manage lists of etfs,funds, and stocks that are used by the application. Choose funds from predefined lists of ETFs, Mutual funds, and stocks, or manually enter a symbol. The trendtimer application will only download historical data for funds that have been added to lists.
My Allocations
The "My Allocations" tool allows subscribers to observe how a hypothetical investment portfolio performed by investing various dollar amounts in multiple TrendTimer investment strategies. Diversification is important and the My Allocations tool can help you make important decisions about how to allocate your investment dollars.
Large Screen mode
Do you have a large widescreen monitor? Run in the optional "Large screen mode" to see a more complete view of the TrendTimer screens.
Welcome screen
When you launch TrendTimer, a welcome screen will appear which allows you to download the latest fund prices and create database backups. This screen also displays system messages and a daily market summary.
The Settings screen allows you to configure various application settings, adjust graph colors, etc.
Web Services
The TrendTimer software is tightly integrated with the website. Services include:
  • Review thousands of strategies generated on the TrendTimer servers
  • Download any strategy to run locally.
  • Save any local strategy to the TrendTimer website.
  • All saved strategies are executed each evening, and the results are available for review on the website.
  • Flag any strategies to be included in a nightly email containing the latest signals for each strategy.
  • The TrendTimer website services are perfect for when you want daily updates for your trading strategies when away from your computer. For example, when you're on vacation.
Future Enhancements
We have many ideas for how to improve the TrendTimer software. One improvement being considered is a "My Investments" tool will allow you to track the performance of your actual portfolio. This has already been partially developed: