Smart market timing Strategies

TrendTimer can help you discover literally thousands of trading strategies that have outperformed a "Buy and Hold" performance of major indexes such as the S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100.
Nasdaq 100 Momentum-Trend Strategies
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As of , over the last years, the above TrendTimer "Nasdaq 100 Strategies" yielded an average annualized return of 0%! The average TrendTimer result beat the 'buy and hold' result 0 out of the last years. With this return, a starting investment of $20,000 would have grown to $0.00.  We recommend that you split your portfolio between at least 10 different strategies. By diversifying, you'll minimize volatility and will achieve the average result produced by your chosen strategies. It's important to understand that the above strategies all use the exact same trading algorithm. Momentum-Trend strategies were generated, each picking 10 random stocks from the . The above results were not hand-picked to only show the most successful results. All strategy results are shown, even the ones that didn't beat the S&P. It doesn't seem to matter which stocks are used...most of the strategies have shown to be very successful.