Smart market timing Strategies

TrendTimer "Web Only" Subscription

The TrendTimer "Web Only" subscription allows customers access to all the web-based TrendTimer features, except for the TrendTimer desktop software. This is a great, lower cost options for subscribers who:

1. Don't have access to a Windows computer. The TrendTimer desktop software currently requires a Windows based computer. Based upon the demand, we may offer a Mac or Linux version of the TrendTimer software. If you'd like this, let us know!

2. Want a simpler "less fuss" option. The TrendTimer "Web Only" subscription offers access to hundreds of historically profitable trading strategies which you browse review online. You can flag any strategies you'd like to follow and receive a nightly email containing all the trading signals.

Many TrendTimer customers enjoy using the TrendTimer software to create or review strategies, analyze the historical data or experiment with the various charts and graphs. Others would prefer a simpler option!